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Guide to Spanish online stores ideal for your Christmas gifts

Christmas has already arrived with its trees, lights, ice rinks, sweaters... and the search for the perfect gift for your father, mother, siblings and friends. It is clear that we always want to get the person right and be original but we don't like standing in lines. That's why today we bring you a list of Spanish online stores , to make your search a little easier and because it is important to support small businesses . We have chosen them: because there is a story behind them, because they are from Valencia and they are sustainable.

  • Small Affaire .- a charming store where you can buy jewelry made in a traditional way by artisans. Read his story, you will fall in love.
  • Pilsferrer. - the funniest collages with the personality of Pilar Garcia Ferrer. A perfect gift for friends who are opening a new house.
  • Zubidesign .- You may already know them, but if not, with a zubi bag you will always be right to give it to your mother or sister.
  • Simple.- If you are sentimental, you will love this store. To highlight the traditional toys and the ceramics made in Valencia.
  • Poppyns .- It is a store with several Spanish and sustainable brands. You can find everything from fashion and accessories, to cosmetics, technology, decoration and books. If you are from Valencia, stop by their physical store, it is very nice and has a cafeteria that is worth having a coffee.
  • Gnome.- Here you will find fun and original gifts of all prices, perfect for the invisible friend.
  • Liderlamp .- the most beautiful lamp store in Spain, where in addition to lamps you can find whims and different Christmas decorations.
  • Albero Hats.- If you are looking for hats, berets and caps to give as gifts, you can find them in this traditional store.
  • Minimis .- If you don't want to give a typical doll that isn't made of plastic. This store is yours, they make special rag dolls, handmade and sustainable.

And my favorites from these stores are:




Zubi Tokyo (Japan)

Tomata ceramic bowl

HOFF Sneakers

A fer la mà T-shirt

Christmas car

Black beret

Lola rag doll


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