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How to decorate your furniture with a natural style at Christmas

Sometimes we are not inspired to decorate the house for Christmas . What do I put? What details do I buy? How do I place them? To decorate the furniture we like to use a natural and Nordic style to create a cozy and simple atmosphere. And try to make some details with our hands.

With the idea of ​​making the decoration as natural as possible, this time the most predominant decorative element is eucalyptus branches. Which we have interspersed with mini-Christmas trees, wooden mountains, candles and wooden houses. They are things that we already had (we reused so as not to accumulate), but at the end of the post, I leave you similar things, which can also fit with the eucalyptus branches.

As I told you, we like to make details with our hands, this year I finally had time to make a Christmas wreath . Of course, to continue with the natural theme, I have also made it out of eucalyptus with a red bow. In this post from last year, you can see how to make the crown , it is very easy.

You can put this decoration on the television cabinet , on a sideboard, on an auxiliary piece of furniture , on the entrance piece... Wherever you prefer, the idea is to decorate your house with the Christmas spirit. We hope you like it. Happy Wednesday!



Other decorative objects for a natural Christmas theme.
Auxiliary furniture to decorate CHRISTMAS CORNERS with a natural and Nordic style.


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