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Decorate the house for Fall

Summer is over and we change plans. Autumn has arrived, the season of half-time, of picking rebollones, going for a walk through the city, of grabbing a jacket because at night it's already a bit cold, of making pumpkin cream, of dressing up... And especially the season of staying at home and therefore, making some changes to the decoration of the house to make it more cozy and warm.

These are the changes I make at home.

Light a candle to disconnect from the routine.

Although it's not cold yet and the weather is a little crazy. I like to cover myself with a thin blanket .

I like to wear socks when walking around the house.
Change the cushions with warm colors that invite you to spend Sunday afternoons on the sofa.

In the bedroom I also change the cushions and put the duvet cover and add a blanket at the foot of the bed, to give a cozy touch to the room. * If you feel like it, you can change the tables for one of ours , which make your room transmit calm.

And finally, flowers always! I like to have a vase with eucalyptus leaves, mixing with some hydrangeas. And later, when Christmas comes, we put a wreath of leaves on the inside of the house door, it gives a touch to the house.
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