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Re-decorate the hall of the house

Probably the hall of your house, although it is the first thing you see when you enter the house, it may be the last thing you decorate. It is an important part of the house, which we cannot neglect. For us it is a stay that must be practical but at the same time it must convey to us "that you have already arrived home and it is your time to disconnect." It is also the first thing your visitors see, and you know the first impression counts. We have compiled some ideas to give it a modern touch.
A console with an industrial touch
The light iron console will be the star of your entrance or hall. You can decorate it with flowers, a poster with a positive message (to leave home with a smile) and a photo or a special memory to give it a personal touch.


round mirrors
Mirrors are a good resource for small hallways , as they serve to give a feeling of depth. And they are perfect to see each other before leaving home.


Decorate the hall with paintings
Create a frame composition. Mix positive messages with family photos and illustrations that inspire you. It is a good idea to reflect your personality at home.


Mesh storage cabinet

Inside plants
A touch of green at the entrance is always a good idea. And if you put it in a wicker pot, you won't regret it. It gives it a natural and relaxed touch, to create that feeling of calm that you need when you enter the house. Advisable indoor plants are: Adam's ribs, ficus or cacti.



Auxiliary storage furniture
Is the first thing you do when you get home take off your shoes? Then you need a place to leave them. A storage unit in the entrance is very useful, either to leave your shoes or to store what you cannot store in the living room.

shoe rack storage furniture

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