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DIY: Halloween decoration

There is one week left until Halloween and if you have never decorated your house on this date, today we give you 3 ideas to do it in an economical and fun way for the little ones in the house.

1. Paint pumpkins

Easy to get, buy the pumpkins at the neighborhood greengrocer and the paints at the stationery store. In the following photos, you can see different inspirations, we have tried to make them simple but effective.

2. Garlands

Garlands are ideal for decorating home furniture or walls. Below we show you some tutorials. That with cardboard and little else you can do it.

3. Balloons

The balloons are very filling and make the decoration become a party. In the following photos, you can get inspiration on how to paint them.
And finally, the day after Halloween, which is a holiday here, because it is All Saints' Day, you can make these fun cookies , it is a good plan for the little ones in the house.


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