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A console to decorate your hallway or a dead corner at home

Sometimes we don't know what to put at the entrance of the house , in a bare hallway or in a wasted space... Today we tell you how to occupy that space with a console.

The console according to the dictionary is the "Table that is close to the wall and on which decorative objects are placed." For this post we have chosen objects with a natural look. Because if the option is to place it in the hall of your house, this look is warm and welcoming , with the idea that when you enter the house, you will breathe calm. The second option of placing it in a hallway or on a free wall is a composition that is light, not overloaded.

With the idea of ​​making your hall cozy, the iron console with a white structure and wooden top is perfect. It is easy to assemble , the wooden top has a slot that fits with the iron structure, as you will see in the video at the end of the post. To decorate it we have chosen objects with natural fibers such as the basket and the boater. Also to provide that natural touch, eucalyptus is perfect, and it also lasts a long time. And finally, so that it has something of you, two photo frames, one made of wood and the other in gold. In these frames you can put a photo of yourself or the family. And another, for example, a scene from one of your favorite movies. Search for it on Google, save it on a pendrive and the copy shop can print it out in good quality. Simple and economical. We hope you like the decoration of the console. Happy Sunday!
hall console
1. Fierro Console - Slowdeco
2. Wicker basket - Ikea
3. Canotier - Albero Hats
4. Wooden frame - Ikea
5. Wooden articulated hand - Tiger
6. Golden frame - Zara home


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