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Christmas decoration: What to put in a vase to give it a "low cost" Christmas touch

Sometimes we don't know what to put at home when Christmas arrives to give it that Christmas touch and the Christmas spirit invades us, as if we were children. In today's post we show you how to give a new look to your home vases and change them for the usual flowers you have for plant elements that you need to have a Christmas atmosphere at home. Because it's not just about putting up the Christmas tree .

What plant elements do you need?

* If you have the mountain nearby, don't hesitate, go out and walk to collect twigs or pine cones for your vases.

These are the ones we recommend:

* Pine branches

* Eucalyptus

* Eucalyptus Cinerea Reddish

* Erika

* Red Phalaris

* Holly

leaves branches
You can also find these plant elements in florists. And to inspire you a little more and a picture is worth a thousand words, below we show you some examples that we have found on Pinterest . They are simple but effective.

Ceramic jug / Mesh chair

Emma Basket / Olimpia Vase / Auxiliary furniture


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