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Hanging lamps on the bedside table

Your bedroom is your refuge, where you relax and rest and the decoration of the bedroom influences this. Light colors, natural textiles and furniture, such as the headboard or bedside tables if they are made of cozy materials such as wood or mesh, make the bedroom more pleasant. And one of the other things that influences is lighting . Normally we opt for table lamps but today we tell you another decoration idea , hanging lamps over the bedside table, gaining space on the bedside table .

Hanging lamps above the bedside table should be placed further towards the floor, about half a meter from the bedside table. Choose a bulb with a soft and warm power. You will be able to create a more welcoming atmosphere. Here's a little inspiration!
bedroom decoration
grid lamp
As we really like this trend of choosing hanging lamps for the bedroom above the bedside tables. We propose two combinations with our new Inés grid lamp.

bedroom decoration

bedroom decoration

Ines grid lamp / Natt bedside table / Wooden headboard


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