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DIY: How to apply self-adhesive vinyl to furniture

In this post we are going to teach you how to customize a piece of furniture from the Fitxa modular system with a self-adhesive vinyl from the Motif brand.

I personally love vinyl and wallpaper , because they offer you many possibilities when it comes to decorating and giving a touch to your room.

On this occasion, instead of placing the vinyl on the wall, we are going to use a piece of furniture to install it, because it is also a way to decorate your house and it will be like having a new piece of furniture. It is very simple to do below, we tell you the steps to follow:

1. First you have to measure the door to cut a piece of the vinyl with scissors or a cutter, remember to give it a few extra centimeters to make installation easier.

2. Peel off the top part and stick it on the door and with the spatula (always from the center to the ends) you place the vinyl without bubbles.

3. Once installed on vinyl, trim the excess. Mark the edges with your fingers and this will make it easier.

In this video you can see the complete installation process:


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