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Start the year calmly

The year 2020 has already begun and you have in mind the thousand things you want to do this year. A new project, that if you lose the extra pounds from Christmas, the trip of your dreams, learning English, that small renovation at home that you are going to wrap the blanket around your head and you will end up throwing the whole house away, sign up for yoga , dedicate more time to yourself, learn to disconnect.... If one of your goals is to live with less stress , decorating your house with a natural style so that your home transmits the calm you need, it can be a good start to the year . Because there is nothing like the pleasure of coming home and having it be your refuge. The way we decorate influences our feelings. Your home has to become a place where you feel like you are yourself. A space where you feel at ease, comfortable and relaxed. So that your home transmits that serenity, we are going to show you 3 decoration looks that can help you.

- Auxiliary mesh furniture perfect for the entrance or any corner of the house.
mesh furniture
Mesh Furniture / Desenio Sheets / Jug SOCKERÄRT from Ikea
mesh furniture
- Add some simple decoration accessories to the TV cabinet , such as sheets and a vase. Other objects can also be aromatic candles, decorative trays, photo frames...
- A console that you can place in the hall , in a dead corner of the living room or behind the sofa.
1. Fierro Console - Slowdeco / 2. Wicker basket - Ikea /3. Canotier - Albero Hats
4. Wooden frame - Ikea / 5. Wooden articulated hand - Tiger / 6. Golden frame - Zara home


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