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How to decorate your home studio with a "moodboard", that is, an inspiration board

I'll start by explaining what a moodboard is, just in case you don't know it yet. But it has been the same thing as a lifetime, an inspiration board.

For me it is a good way to get inspired to create a new project or to group ideas. The moodboard can be of any theme you want: fashion, interior design, personal brand, your blog, a season of the year..., and it is the visual compilation of cutouts, fabrics, things, materials... that make that inspire you or transmit that feeling that you need for yourself. This collection can also be a hobby, like a collection of things that you identify with. A movie ticket, a flyer for an exhibition, a postcard from a trip, a packaging label, the lyrics of a song, a dried flower... In the end, it is creating a collage with the idea of ​​inspiring you in your day to day.

That's why we think it can be a good idea to decorate your studio or a corner at home. You can stick it directly with washi tape or use a metal mesh or cork.

Below, I leave you a few photographs to inspire you in decorating your walls. One of the advantages is that you can always change the cuts or add them in a simple way. No lazy drills.


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