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The furniture that cannot be missing in your living room

You may be at the point where you want to change the decoration style of your living room, or you may have finished renovating your house and you are faced with that empty, white living room... You don't know where to place the sofa, where to hang your favorite paintings or where to put the table with the chairs. And all of this may depend on where you are going to place the television cabinet. Because let's face it, in most homes there is television (although they don't usually appear on Instagram or Pinterest, because now there is a tendency to hide them). But if you are one of those who are hooked on Netflix, HBO or any other, you will be interested in this post.

Because we are going to tell you the piece of furniture that cannot be missing in your living room. It is that piece of furniture where you can place the television leaning or hanging. That you can customize to your liking . And we already tell you that you won't get tired of it. If you are already clear about where you are going to place the television, you can now measure that wall and place this piece of furniture along its length. And we tell you why it is the perfect piece of furniture for television.

1. It is a low piece of furniture . Perfect for not straining your neck while watching television.

* Without legs it measures 41cm, perfect for living rooms with low ceilings. Because by being low, you visually gain space and achieve a more pleasant scale.

* With legs you can choose between: 10cm or 20cm legs. It is very useful to be able to clean the floor without moving the furniture. Still a good height measurement to be able to watch television. (At home we have it elevated with the 10cm legs). You can see it in the next photo.

2. It is modular , you can adapt it to the length of your wall. That is, each module measures 50cm wide, if your wall measures 2.5 meters, you will need 5 modules. We recommend that the composition be elongated and take up the wall space, visually it will be more beautiful, and don't worry. You can always decorate it, in addition to the television, you can place a painting leaning on the wall, with a vase and a candle.

3. It is closed. Behind its doors you can store everything you need . You will be able to have the living room tidy. And you always have the option of choosing the open module, in case you want to display your favorite objects and books.

4. The lid is still made of wood , which provides warmth. Handcrafted in our carpentry, upon request.

5. Personalization . You can choose your combination . Yes, white, yes, white with a drawer module. What if all the grid modules... In our house, we chose 4 white modules with a grid module.


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