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In Gemma's living room

If there is something we like, it is to see how our furniture looks in different homes. And today we show you how our Liure Shelving Unit looks at Gemma 's house. We have been following Gemma on Instagram for a long time, because we love her photographs and the philosophy of life she shares and she also lives in the "terreta", that is, in Valencia like us.
We decided to collaborate with her and open a new section on the " At home of... " blog where you can see the life of our furniture. Gemma decided on the Liure Shelf for that space she had under the window, so she could take advantage of it and so that her daughters would have their toys close at hand. Because those of us who have little ones at home already know that the living room area is their territory too. Below you can see how it turned out and a small questionnaire we asked Gemma. We hope you like it!

How would you describe your style?
I don't think I have a defined style and if I do I don't know it. I am attracted to the light that evokes all the white and the warmth of the natural wood of the Scandinavian style. And I am fascinated by plants, rugs and all the boho style textiles but the latter does not fit well with the essence of our apartment so I take from here and there to make a good 'click'.

Predominant colors in your house
The modernist hydraulic tiles are responsible for bringing all the color into the home, so for the rest of the textiles and decorative objects the tones are neutral.

Something we would never find in your house
Nothing in red. I don't like red at all for the home. Whether it's a wall, decorative object, tableware, textiles...not even at Christmas!
For you, what is essential in decorating a children's room?
Neutral tones and natural materials also predominate in the children's room. In reality, the decoration is marked by the toys they have and some prints on the wall but little else. For children, especially the youngest ones, it is important that the environment maintains visual harmony and does not distract them when they are focused on playing or going to sleep.
favorite flower
The smell of jasmine connects me directly with my childhood, with my mother and my grandmother.
Favorite book
Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
Favorite breakfast
White yogurt with honey, dark chocolate and lots of walnuts, hazelnuts and cashews. It makes me so happy!

How do you integrate art into your home?
In a very intuitive and natural way we have been placing hand-made and painted furniture, handmade lamps, black and white photographs, vintage mirrors and other antiques in special corners that make them shine in all their beauty. Always combining them with modern and simple furniture to avoid the house-museum effect.
What music do you play at home?
I love listening to current folk and piano instrumentals while editing photos from my sessions. Music is always so inspiring!


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