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7 Tips to have a tidy house

They say that a habit is achieved in 21 days because the brain does not assimilate the changes all at once, it does so gradually, this is why we must repeat the same gesture for 21 days so that the brain passes it on to our conscious part, turn it into learning and finally store it as a habit.

And in today's post we bring you tips to keep the house tidy and not make it a "mountain", because as happens to me, sometimes it seems that it never ends, that once this tidy collection only lasts a few hours.

Tips to keep a tidy house

1. Make the bed every day . Find the moment just like you brush your teeth, make your bed, don't be lazy!


2. Do not leave clothes anywhere other than in the closet, on the coat rack or in the dirty clothes basket.

3. Use a shoe rack to store your shoes . If you are one of those who takes them off at the entrance of the house, then place the shoe rack in that area. And only have on hand the ones you use every day, save the rest or if you think you have too much, donate them.

hall shelving

4. Before going to bed, clean up the kitchen . Because if not in the morning when you get up, you won't start the day the same, seeing the mess in the kitchen. This helps a lot if you have a dishwasher.

5. Don't have plants if you can't take care of them. Having dry plants is not good. For those whose plants always die, it is better to have preserved flowers that last a long time.

6. When you finish watching TV, pick up the blanket and place the cushions .


7. If you have coat racks that are visible, don't overload them with all your coats, jackets, bags... Only what you use every day. The rest in the closet, not to be seen.


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