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Mistakes you should not make when decorating your house

After so many days locked up at home, we have had time to know what we like and what we don't about our house. And you may be thinking about giving it a twist to give it a different look and make it more yours, more welcoming and more practical. Therefore, in today's post we tell you about some mistakes that you should not make when decorating your house.

  • Decorate suddenly

Even if you now have a strong desire to change many things at home, it is better to go little by little. See what you really need and like. Do a search and until you find decorative details or furniture that really excite you and have that "something" that you like, don't buy. It is better to buy little by little, because if you don't finish the things you buy sooner, in the end, you will get bored of them and end up regretting them. Better to be patient. (It's been a year since we moved into our new house and there are still many decoration things missing, right now I'm looking for a rug).

Renovation project: Espacio Concept

  • Do not overload

Finding balance when decorating is essential. A good way to avoid overloading is to have objects that decorate but are functional at the same time. Another tip is to have a striking piece that is the focus of attention, such as a painting, a lamp, a rug... and the rest of the decoration is in neutral tones or a monochromatic palette. And on the other hand, not overloading the spaces will help you when cleaning, because it will be easier.

Storage cabinet, here

  • Abuse of colors

Do not abuse excess colors. Don't paint every room one color. Use the rule 60%, 30% and 10% which are the proportions of colors in an environment. For some reason using 3 shades in these measurements creates a certain harmony and balance. Therefore we should choose:

- 60% as dominant color

- 30% as secondary color

- 10% as accent color

  • Place furniture from the same line

For example, choosing all the furniture from the same collection creates a "showroom" effect, making it seem like your house is a showcase. The idea is to combine and mix successfully. Looking for an antique side table or restored furniture can be a great success.

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  • Interesante artículo, con ideas muy inspiradoras!

    Maria on

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