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Keys to adapt the hall to the new normal

In the new normal, the hallway that we had forgotten a little about and didn't pay much attention to, now takes center stage. Because it has become the transit place between our house and the street, but you can adapt it for the new routine with a storage unit , a shelf or a console . We tell you how to create the solutions for your arrival home.
  • Of course, disinfectant gel cannot be missing. Choose a nice dispenser so that it doesn't clash and you can store it in a basket with some tissues and a trash can next to it to throw them away.
  • You will also have to have a small box to leave accessories such as glasses, your purse, your keys... and while you're at it, leave your cell phone so you can disconnect (if you clean them with alcohol, even better).
  • A coat rack to leave your jacket or bag. It is advisable that you have on hand the one you usually use daily.
  • A box with a lid to leave the mask to ensure better hygiene so you don't forget to put it on before leaving home.
Below we show you several proposals to decorate your hall in the new normal, with our Liure system .

The Liure System allows you to create a shelf for the entrance , where you can leave your objects, shoes, bag... And have the disinfectant gel on hand! You can make the composition you want, depending on the size of your hall.

Other options for the hall can be an auxiliary piece of furniture with storage or a console , you can see options in the following images.

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