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How our houses have changed

In confinement there has been a before and after in our homes. It is no longer a place of passage, we went to work in the morning until we returned in the evening, our house became the center of our daily life for more than two months. Becoming an office, a school, a playground, a gym and even restaurants (which more than one has brought out the chef in them). We have realized that our house is more than just a space. It is a place to make home, where stories and moments take place, from beginning to end. And this has made us see how important it is for our house to be pleasant, where the details count, how important it is to feel comfortable in your refuge and that it is a space that makes sense for you and yours. And especially in these moments that we are experiencing and that have made us stop, we have realized how important calm is and not to live with stress, that is why it is important that your house transmits serenity.

These months of confinement have given us a lot, to reflect as a society and to realize what we would like to change home and what is really not practical.

And what are these changes?

We start with the Hall : leaving your shoes at the entrance of the house is one of the habits that the coronavirus has brought us, as well as having a disinfectant gel at the entrance to wash your hands, in the last post we give you more ideas . To do this, it will be functional to have a console , a bookshelf , an auxiliary storage unit or a shoe rack , so that it becomes a space that, in addition to being beautiful, can be the entry filter to take sanitation measures.

More hall ideas

Another thing that has changed is that teleworking has come into our lives without warning. And if you didn't have a space to put your computer, you had to improvise in the bedroom or on the dining room table. Now that teleworking will gradually be adapted, you will need a space to set up your small office so you can concentrate. You can place a small auxiliary desk that also serves as a console or, for example, a liure shelf that adapts to your space and at the same time you have a small space to place your laptop.

If you need more space, you can set up a small study in a room with a larger desk and a storage unit if you need to store documents.

On the other hand, multifunctional spaces . For example, an auxiliary support table in the living room area, to work with the laptop or dine in front of the television. Also if you have little ones at home, having a TV cabinet with storage will be very good because your living room, in addition to taking naps or watching series and movie marathons, becomes an area where children play. And with a storage unit you can maintain order.


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