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Tips to create your teleworking space at home

Tomorrow September begins and there is uncertainty in the atmosphere about going back to school and to this is added the fact that we will have to live in situations in which we will have to continue with hygiene and social distancing measures. One of them will be teleworking (as far as possible). Today we have prepared ideas and tips to create your teleworking space at home. Additionally, these tips can help you in the long term if you are going to start a business, are freelance, or need to reconcile in the future.

Set a schedule . Get up early, prepare a good breakfast to gain strength and always start working at the same time. And set a time to finish and be able to limit your work day and your personal space. It is very important to improve your productivity and mental organization.

get up early

Don't stay in your pajamas . Get dressed, choose comfortable looks, but don't fall into the pajama trap. On this Pinterest board, we give you ideas of comfortable looks for working at home .

Pinterest Board "Slow Look"

Defines a workplace . Choose a space free of distractions or if you don't have enough space and you have to place your work area in the living room, find a space, a corner or under a window and integrate the decoration of your desk with the rest of the decoration.

nordic style desk

via @mibebemolon

nordic style desk

Morris Desk

Tidy. If your workspace is going to be in the living room, try to always keep it tidy, once you finish the day, put everything in its place.


desk and chair

LIURE shelving

An inspiring space. Ok, you may have it in the living room, in a bedroom or in a passage area, where you have found your space to work, but don't forget to decorate it. That will make you like being in space and will make you more productive. In this old post we give you a "low cost" idea to do it.



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