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The Thonet style chairs that bring the definitive charm to your home

When it comes to decorating the house we look for it to have a special charm and be unique. We can do this with special objects for us, such as things that we have bought on different trips or in artisan stores. Also with our photographs or prints or pieces of art. In addition to all these objects that mark our personality and make our house unique, furniture also makes a difference.

Today we bring you a timeless classic piece that cannot be missing in your home, you will fall in love with it at first sight, it is the Thonet style chairs . They go well with any decorative style you have chosen at home. You can place them in the kitchen, in the dining room (combining with other chairs) or even as a nightstand!! They are ideal for decorating any corner of the house, they have that special charm.

thonet chair

We have launched our version of this classic chair , with a slatted seat and backrest and you can choose between natural lacquered beech wood or black. There are many versions of this chair, many of them come from imports, but as you know, we always support the products manufactured here in Valencia and we have not stopped until we have found a family carpentry shop specialized in bending wood and that has been manufacturing since 1917. handcrafted this chair.

thonet chair

thonet armchair

More Thonet Style Chairs Inspiration on our Pinterest board


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