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Shoe rack furniture ideas to organize your shoes

Like every year, it's time to change closets, and it's one of the things that makes us the most lazy when it comes to organizing. We say goodbye to light summer clothing, dresses, shorts and t-shirts to make way for sweaters, pants and coats. But how do you organize your shoes ? Are you a potential Carrie Bradshaw? Or are you one of those who has few shoes? Now that with the new normal, we have the habit of taking off our shoes when we get home, where and how do you store them?

In today's post we are going to help you plan your shoe rack , choose the best place at home and how to organize and take advantage of the interior space. Although first of all, you can bring out the Marie Kondo that you have inside and select the shoes that you are going to wear this fall-winter season, to have them on hand.

Where to place the shoe rack?

It is best to gather your shoes and store them in the same place, separate from your clothes, so that they do not pick up bad odors.

* At the entrance it is ideal. When you arrive, you take off your shoes and put on your house slippers, this way we avoid bringing the dirt from the street into the house.

* To take advantage of the hallway, it can be another place. You will have to use shallow furniture.

* And if not... well on that wall or dead corner of the house that is empty and you don't know what to put. It can be converted into a practical and beautiful space at the same time, with a multifunctional and beautiful piece of furniture.

How to organize them?

* For boxes, if they are transparent better to see their interior.

* Interior shelves, in the foreground the shoes you use most daily and in the background, the weekend shoes. You can store the latter in boxes and label which shoes they are. This way you will be able to maintain order and visual balance.

What shoe rack furniture can I use?

* Narrow furniture with little depth. These are ideal for small spaces.

* Auxiliary furniture with storage . For the hall, it becomes that operations center space. Where you can store the shoes you use daily, school backpacks, your purse and hang your coats and jackets.

* Small shelf to place only your shoes and slippers at home. To have the essentials at hand and not take up space, you can place it where it best suits you in your daily life.

Suggestions for your shoe cabinet


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