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6 Deco plans for the weekend

This weekend bad weather is expected throughout Spain and what better time to take advantage of being at home and make those decorative plans that you let the days go by. We recommend 6 plans that you can do this weekend and give your house a new look.

1. Organize the pantry and plan the menu for the week

You can start by putting in order what you have in the pantry, cleaning thoroughly and throwing away expired items. And with the rest you can plan the menu for the week. Look for recipes with what you have in the pantry!

2. Create your corner to telework or study

Find a quiet corner, with natural light and free of distractions to create your teleworking space . Set up a table or desk, choose a chair and dresser, and decorate it with pretty things to motivate you. In this post you have a low cost idea to inspire you .

3. Sort toys

If you have little ones at home, a good plan may be to teach them how to organize and organize their toys to maintain order at home. Since sometimes they invade the entire space.

4. Bring out the handyman inside you

Hang those paintings that are still on the floor. You can create a composition with the paintings, in this post you can guide how to do it .

5. Make your bookshelf look like a magazine

Surely you have tried more than once to have a bookshelf in order, that looked like one of those shelves that you see in magazine houses, all neat and beautiful. It is clear that sometimes we insist on accumulating, accumulating, accumulating... books, gifts, photo frames, figurines... that really don't give us anything. Therefore, the first piece of advice is to get rid of what doesn't really interest you. Only stick with the things that touch your heart.

6. Decorate the hall

The hall is one of the rooms that we leave and decorate later. We focus on decorating the rest of the house and forget about the first thing we see when entering the house. Think of a decorative idea that adapts to your day-to-day needs when you get home, if you need a place to leave your bag, keys, take off your shoes and put on your slippers. Or use the entrance for a storage unit since you don't have room to store things at home.


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