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Ideas to decorate a small bedroom

If you have a small bedroom , this is your post. Because although you don't mind that it is small, you want to get more out of your bedroom . The most important thing is that it is practical but without letting it be pretty for you. You also need it to be cozy to feel comfortable in it. The best advice we can give you is that have just enough. Take note of the following tips and your bedroom will be larger.


Natural materials provide that cozy and charming touch. Furthermore, when you see it, you relax your eyes, as they are light tones.

small bedroom

small bedroom

Mesh headboard and mesh nightstand


The color white never fails, it provides luminosity and makes the space seem larger. If there is natural light , it reflects it. White does not mean cold, combine it with neutral or sand colors , they integrate perfectly. And if you want to give it a touch of color, use yellow, so that it provides even more luminosity.

small bedroom


Linens, cottons, tulle... that is, airy and light fabrics. Visually they are lighter. By this we mean, what you use for bedding and especially for curtains . In the cold season, a bright and pretty blanket or plaid on your feet can also look great.

small bedroom

small bedroom


The nightstands do not have to be symmetrical or the same. On one side you can put a small table in a natural style and on the other, a chair or a vintage table. This way you can give it a touch of personality. If you don't have much space, put the bed next to the wall and instead of a nightstand, put an auxiliary piece of furniture to have storage in the room and on the top you can put your things, such as a book, cell phone charger. ..

small bedroom
small bedroom


To avoid having the typical small table lamp, use hanging lamps or those that protrude from the wall, at a low height. It saves space and is an extra light.

small bedroom


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