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Lagom: "Not much, not little: Just enough"

It seems that the Swedes have the recipe to turn the home into a haven full of happiness. The Swedes call it Lagom , which means neither too much, nor too little: in the middle, the right balance. In this post we are going to show you how the Lagom concept can change your home and your life.


According to the Lagom concept, you should buy the things you really need, not fill your home with things you won't really use. Buying pieces that are functional is the main thing, since it will help you make your home more organized. Always mixing with pieces with family memories and flea market finds that awaken that cozy atmosphere. Furthermore, the term Lagom refers to objects made in an artisanal way.



On the other hand, since it is necessary to disconnect from work, your home can be an ally. Prepare it with a disconnection area when you get home, with soft and comfortable textiles. Or in the hall, it can be a brake area, it helps to have a place to leave your keys, coat, bag and shoes.

If you work at home, it is important to determine the work area, with a small study and another area for pleasure and relaxation.




We hope it inspires you, to start living LAGOM and find your balance and happiness!!


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