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Welcome to your "slow" house

We are going to tell you a secret to disconnect when you get home. The "Slow Deco" style aims to make your house slower, so that you feel better and help you relax and reconnect with your true needs, that is, leave stress outside the home. and how can we get it? A simple way is to decorate our hall as a transit area to achieve this. An area where we leave everything that we have carried during the day and weighs us down (mentally and physically), that is, our cell phone, coat, keys, bag and shoes. To do this, we will need to have a piece of furniture in our hall to leave these little things, a coat rack to leave your coat and make yourself comfortable, and something that inspires you or conveys calm, such as a plant or a picture of the sea or a photo of the sea. family. That is, your greeter speaks and tells you "Welcome home."

Below we show you examples of how to decorate your hall, and thus make your house slower through a small change. We hope you like it!!



slow decoration

slow nordic




( Pinterest photos )


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