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Inspiration: Workspaces

If you work from home and need to create your workspace , today we show you ideal and inspiring spaces , in which you will really want to work. In addition to inspiring you, we give you the keys to keep them organized and prevent chaos from reigning in your home!

To begin with, the bigger the table, the better, as long as the space you have allows it. This table is easy to make, a couple of easels and a board, and voila you have a very chic office table.

It is also essential to have a wall where you can hang everything that inspires you and create a #moodboard, with this you get a beautiful and inspiring wall and thus you will not have papers on the table... which does not inspire you in the trash!! And the other "important" papers in the drawer.

Another solution to maintain your computer space can be shelves or wooden cubes where you can store books or objects that you need to have on hand. The space that we see in the following image is located in the living room itself.

Another element that we see in the images is that a touch of green cannot be missing, to give life to your space.

An essential object to organize your daily life is our clipboard . In it you can hold your to-do list, notes and your planning for the day.

photo by @minabarrio

And finally, if you have little space, you can complete your living room with our Morris Desk and thus have a nice office.



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