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The thousand uses of wooden boxes

You can give a wooden box more than 7 lives a cat has, we can give it a thousand uses, both to decorate and to keep everything as organized as possible. They are practical and give a very cozy style to our little house. In this post we show you some of these ideas.

1. With wooden boxes you can create your own composition, and form a shelf in any corner or in the dining room.

2. It can also be a nightstand , to leave the book you are reading before going to sleep.

bedside table

3. For the living room, with two boxes and wheels , you can make a center table in the sofa area.

4. To store blankets, cushions, books, stories, toys...

wooden box

wooden box

5. Another cool idea is to make your own desk, with 4 wooden boxes and a wooden plank.

6. You can also use them as a shoe rack.

7. Or in the kitchen, you can use them as shelves or to store cups or coffee capsules.


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