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The 7 sensations that make you happier

Good morning!! It's Friday and we know that makes you very happy ;) Also in today's post we talk about the 7 most rewarding sensations in the world. Because we all know that the little things in everyday life are what really make us happy. Which one do you prefer?

1. The day before taking a trip . The contained joy of knowing the world.

2. Find money in your pockets . I'm sure it's happened to more than one of you and it's a feeling almost as if you won the lottery (even if it's only €5).

3. Eat . Enjoy your favorite food, you love it and you know it.

4. Shower after exercising . Because it leaves you relaxed and a feeling of well-being with yourself.

5. Cry with laughter . Maximum level of happiness.


6. Wake up earlier and look at the clock and see that there are still hours before the alarm goes off .

7. When the light goes out at the start of a concert.



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