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7 Crafts for children #stayhome

For now we know that we have to stay home for two more weeks. And in case you have run out of ideas to entertain the little ones in the house. I have been browsing Pinterest with the idea of ​​looking for fun crafts to do as a family, I have selected these 10 crafts, in each one you have the link on how to do it.

1. Create your house with cutouts. Grab magazines, washi-tape and choose a wall in the room. With this activity, children practice psychomotor skills with the use of scissors and you can gossip in magazines and get inspired to make decoration changes in your home.

Made with lof

Slowdeco furniture cutouts

2. Make TIE DYE t-shirts for Summer or to stay at home during confinement. This Diy is perfect for adults and children.


3. Mobiles to hang from the ceiling. It is a very nice craft to develop the imagination. We have chosen this fish, because we think it is ideal for decorating the room.


More mobile ideas

4. Make a superhero cape . Because being at home every day without going to the park is also a sacrifice. This craft requires your help to sew, but they can paint their initial on the cape.



5. Mickey ears for the whole family. Make this craft and take a photo to send to the WhatsApp family group and propose a challenge.


6. Make your own show with a shadow theater.


7. And to finish, a cabin in the living room with sheets .


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Diy Tote Bag


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