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The important thing about decorating your house where you feel comfortable

To begin I will quote Ilse Crawford (interior designer) “We spend 87% of our lives inside buildings, their design affects how we feel and how we behave. “Design is a tool to improve our humanity, it is the framework of our lives.” These are the words with which he talks about interior design in his episode of the Netflix documentary series, Abstrat.

And now in the quarantine that we are stuck at home more than ever, we are realizing what we need in our homes and how essential it is to have a cozy environment. Because there may be a song that you don't like, you just need to hit the "next" button, but when it comes to decoration, you have to think about what your daily life is like to adapt it to your needs.

Maybe you need a corner for your hobby, to exercise or yoga, a space to work comfortably, without distractions, or a guest room. Perhaps in the living room, which is where we meet and where we live, you have realized that for a nap you need a comfortable blanket and that no light comes in through the window. Or that you need some auxiliary tables for snacking or having an informal dinner. Or that it is the little ones' recess and you need a storage unit, so that chaos does not reign at home.

Dare to look for the right furniture or paint the wall a pretty color. To tear down partitions and make a more open space. To create special corners at home. Move the furniture around and change the distribution looking for natural light. Below we show you how you can make the most of your home, what furniture can bring out the best in you and make your house a home.

* Furniture with braided fiber achieves a relaxed and natural effect at home, which when everything returns to normal, we will still need calm.

*Storage furniture to bring out the Marie Kondo in you. Because order is essential at home. With modular furniture you can achieve it.

Photo @earlychildfood 

* Create a corner to telework, study, make video calls, your hobby. The Morris desk is versatile.

* Your home speaks about you. The prints, photographs, books... Objects that we love and go from move to move. You can place them on ashelf that fits the size of your wall.

* In the bedroom, create a relaxed atmosphere that facilitates rest. To do this, we recommend that you decorate the bedroom with simple and simple pieces. To sleep well you only need a bed, somenightstands and a few decorative accessories.


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