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5 "slow" plans to enjoy your home

If we have learned anything from these days at home , it is to stop and enjoy the small moments, that with daily stress we did not realize what was really important. To value what surrounds us. Now we are going to press "play" again but so you don't forget that sometimes you need to stop and go slower. Today we are going to recommend 5 plans that you can do at home , to relax and enjoy.

* Natural exfoliant

The face and body is the mirror of the soul. We suggest you make your own natural body scrub. It is a ritual that you can do every 7 or 10 days to eliminate dead cells and thus achieve a deep cleansing. You will also enjoy the time you are dedicating to yourself. Because by exfoliating your body it will help you maintain good body hydration.

- Natural body scrub ingredients

  • Good quality natural oil (almond, rosehip, coconut, argan)
  • Cane sugar or sugar

Mix these two ingredients until you have a paste with a lumpy consistency and apply it in circles all over the body, massaging it. Start at the ankles and move up little by little to the rest of the body.

* Slow cooker recipes


A good plan for a Saturday or Sunday. Choose a recipe that requires hours in the oven or simmering. This plan can start from scratch, choose the recipe, go to your neighborhood market, choose the ingredients that are in season, talk to the butcher or fishmonger, who can always give you a trick.

- Recipe ideas

* Boeuf Bourguignon

* Baked pork ribs

* Biscuit


* Take out the board games

We have spent part of the confinement watching series or movies on Netflix or any other digital platform. Now it's time to take out the board games and enjoy the company. Because a game of trivia, pictoniary or scrabble can go by for hours without you realizing it.

friends twister

* Dance to release stress

Dancing not only improves mood and helps combat stress. Dance while you clean, while you shower, in the kitchen. . .

* Prepare a good breakfast

Start the day on the right foot. Take your time and prepare yourself a treat.



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