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New Fitxa Collection

The result of our new collection for 2018, new materials applied to the doors, with a soft touch and renewed design, modules with an opening system by clicking on them, interior mobile shelves that allow increasing space and a rear opening to pass cables

mediterranean furniture

The white silky textures together with the warmth of the pine wood treated with natural varnishes form a perfect combination, a trend that will never cease to be so, for any home that longs for a piece that reflects a part of the Mediterranean light that infects us.

mediterranean furniture


Straight lines in combination with wood add up to elevate a piece of furniture that will be the center of all eyes.

indigo blue furniture

Entering the Mediterranean we approach a more intense, dark and serene blue . Equally silky to the touch and smooth lines, it can create the formal and calm space you are looking for.

burgundy furniture

Bordeaux , our MUST of the modular collection, the passion with which we make our furniture, you can bring it to your home by including this color. A piece of furniture that combines warmth and passion in perfect harmony, as if it were a piece of the best symphony.

gray furniture

Beyond associating gray with a bad day, and in association with our Mediterranean style, you get a storm of elegance, serenity that makes a piece of furniture shine with its own light . It will be your favorite color when it comes to combining with any other furniture in your house.

Available in store on April 26

Song: Sonate Pacifique - Author: Orane Derrienic


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