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Plans for this weekend: Inside and outside the home

No matter what the weather is like, there are times when you just feel like staying home and that's it. And other times when you see the sun through the window and you can't resist looking for a plan outside. In today's post we have prepared two lists with different plans, you choose whether to stay inside the house or outside.


1. Make a delicious recipe from:

- Yogurt cake

- Apple and mascarpone cake

-Pastels de nata (Portuguese recipe)

2. Read a short book. Find a book that you like, but that is short, that you will have time to read it in a weekend.

3. Change the furniture.

4. Prepare the appetizer! Invite your friends to a homemade vermouth. You can always prepare it on one of ourside tables in the center of the room.

5. A bubble bath. Relaxing is priceless.

6. Crochet. Grab your grandmother and tell her to teach you.

7. Decorate a corner of the house for you.Ideas in this link .


Morris Desk


1. Take a walk in the mountains

2. A massage. Make an appointment now!

3. Go to the market. Buy fruit, vegetables and flowers.



4. Tapas route. Search Google for the best tapas bars in your city.

5. Get lost in the old town of your city.

6. A terrace in the sun, beer and friends never fails.


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