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We have the perfect lamp for your dining room

Do you still have the hole in the ceiling with the cable hanging? We know that it is difficult to choose a lamp in the dining room , because you don't know which one will be right. What size does it have to be, if one or two, at what height do we hang it...

In today's post we bring you a guide so you can decide which is the perfect lamp for your dining room.

1. What is your table like?
* For square or round tables, without a doubt a central lamp, with volume.
* For long tables, it is better to have two points of light or a lamp that reaches all corners to achieve homogeneous light.
2. How much should it hang?
* You must leave a space of 75-80cm so that it illuminates and does not impede the view, once seated. This is nothing closed, it is best to sit back and try.
3. Take into account the proportion
The lamp has to be in proportion to the table and the living room. Tip: Make sure the diameter is at least half the length of the table. For example, if you have a 1.20m table, your lamp should be about 50-60cm. And when in doubt, preferably make it stand out as big.
4. Create atmosphere
Two options: choose a lamp that matches the rest of the living room, in the same decoration style. Or break with a lamp that has nothing to do with it, to give that original touch to the table.
All our lamps are made in Valencia, we manufacture them exclusively for you. Customize with your personal touch. Choose the model, the color of the trim, the base and the cable.


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