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Shelves to organize a bookstore in the living room

If you are one of those who devour books or those who read when you have time, you surely accumulate quite a few books and don't know how to organize them at home. We are going to propose several ideas to configure your shelving depending on the space you have in the living room with our Nela modular system .


If you don't want to fill the entire wall where you plan to place it, you can configure a half-height and elongated shelf. And you can take advantage of the top shelf to decorate with paintings , photographs or prints. Add decorative objects such as lamps, candles, vases.


If you need more storage for your books, take up the entire wall, from top to bottom. With the Nela modular system, you can also add color to give it an original touch.


If you don't want it to rest on the floor, you can hang it and create a unique composition. If you don't have many books and you don't want to overload the wall, you can put the modules separately. Below you will see different examples.

The Nela System offers you the possibility of creating your bookshelf , bookcase , TV cabinet or storage space as high and wide as you want.

The Nela System is a 70cm x 35cm x 25cm storage module that you can place vertically and horizontally, removing the shelves according to your storage needs.

Below we show you several sketches of compositions that we have made for several clients. If you want a sketch, fill out this form .


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