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Everything you need to keep your desktop organized

Don't underestimate the power of a tidy desk to boost your morale. It's no secret that the more computerized your desk is, the less distracted you will probably be. Also, since everything is a matter of time, knowing where things are helps us not to lose them. I have already started September and we are all happy with the return to school, the return to university and the return to work. Therefore, whether you study or work inside or outside the home, you need your space to be comfortable to help you concentrate. Maybe this list of stationery accessories will help you cope better with the return to your routine!
1. Desk organizer.
It is clear that the clearer you have your work table, the more comfortable you will work. But there are things that you know that you do or do need. Pens, papers, pencils, paper clips, erasers, post-its, notebooks... Therefore, having a desk organizer can be very useful to have the things you need every day.


Ikea desk organizer

2. Organized drawers
Don't turn your drawer into a disaster drawer where you leave everything there without any order. To keep it organized, small boxes or dividers inside the drawers work very well.

3. Boxes and filing cabinets for shelves
If you have space, it is convenient to have a shelf to store the things you need. And boxes and file cabinets work very well for this. Label it to know what is inside each box and file, it will be a useful way to find what you are looking for and at the same time it is decorative.


4. Tricks for cables.
Cables are sometimes a mess, if they are rolled up, if we don't know which one corresponds to what... That is why it is important to have a box on our desk to be able to hide them and keep them organized. Another trick is to label them with washi-tape.


cable box

Ikea cable organizers

5. Inspiration boards
And finally, we just need to add a little inspiration to our environment. A board where we can hang personal photographs, photographs that inspire us in our work, positive quotes. . .


Now you just need to get on with it and try to keep order on your desk every day. We know it's difficult, but you can do it. You have more inspiration on our Pinterest board "Marie Order"


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