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Everything you need to know before a renovation

If you are one of those who have started looking for your first home and now you are a little lost because you don't know where to start and you only have to look at ideas on Pinterest , in today's post we are going to help you with the 6 steps you have to do before starting "THE REFORM".

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1. Be clear about your needs

It is important to think that whoever is going to live in your house is you and not your parents, friends, acquaintances... that even if they have good intentions, their tastes, customs and hobbies do not have to coincide with yours.

* Make a list ordering and prioritizing your needs . Think about how you use your home, if you are one of those who lives in the kitchen, if you need a corner to read, a work space, if you need space to store, how many bathrooms? Shower or bathtub? how many rooms?.

2. Draw the new distribution

Once you have made the list of needs, grab a pencil and paper and draw. Try to take into account the approximate measurements, so that everything makes sense. You also have to take into account where the bathrooms are located along the downspouts. It is better to draw several options that you like in case you cannot do one for other reasons, such as cost or because it is not feasible on the job.

3. Find the renovation company

For this search you will have to contact several companies , not stay with the first one. Depending on the magnitude of the renovation, it may be advisable to have an architect or it may not be necessary. Whether you need it or not, it is important to have a professional team that has all the necessary licenses and certifications to practice their profession.

4. Compare quotes

When searching for a professional team that is suitable for your renovation, having several budgets is important to compare . Ask that these budgets be as broken down as possible, so you know what each thing costs you.

5. Contract

Once you have chosen the renovation company, which for me must be the one that fits your budget but also that has given you confidence. And there is no problem in writing a construction contract under the budget you have agreed upon, so you can minimize discussions or construction extras. The contract must establish a deadline for the completion of the works , which guarantees the quality of the work as well as the materials.

In addition, the renovation company must know and carry out the procedures and licenses that must be carried out depending on the renovation you are going to do.

6. Visit the reform

You have to be aware of the evolution of the reform . See the results in case something does not convince you, communicate it to the company. To be able to repair it in time.


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