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MU-DAN-ZA moment

After having completed the renovation , changing apartments is always a joy, new furniture , meeting new neighbors... Everything is great but first we have to prepare "THE MOVE". And at that moment you would like to call Marie Kondo to put all your things in order. But don't worry if Marie doesn't answer the phone because we have prepared 8 tips for a perfect move .

1. Operation: Cleaning and procedures
Moving can become a therapy to get rid of what you haven't used in years or that you really realized you don't need. It is the perfect time to clean and get rid of them. Or if you still love them, you have the possibility of renting a storage room.
You also have to manage how you are going to take the furniture up, check that it will fit in the elevator and if you have to ask permission from the community. If your furniture is one of those "old" ones it will be a little difficult. Here comes a little "spam" you can renew them with our Fitxa Collection , which are easy to transport, because the modules fit individually (which normally fit in elevators) and now in your new apartment you can combine them as you want, put them aligned or one on top of another. Its mounting system is very simple, you can see it here .

2. Operation: Survival
The day after the move (which you haven't unpacked yet), prepare a survival kit. Bedding so you don't sleep on the mattress, towels, pajamas and a toiletry bag. To be ready the next morning.
3. Operation: Van
Transport management, if you have a friend with a van, don't think twice and make contacts. Then it's your turn to reciprocate and invite him to a meal, after all the action, he deserves it. If you are not that lucky, you have the possibility of renting it. Another option is for a company to transport the heaviest items and you transport the lightest items.
4. Operation: Pack up my entire life
Start with everything you don't need for your daily life, you will need it at least three weeks before. That depends on the things you have, remember the first step: cleaning. You can buy the boxes or collect boxes from nearby stores, as a low-cost option. And don't think you're the Hulk, it's better not to fill the boxes completely just in case you can't move it.
It is best to pack by room and mark on each box which space it corresponds to. Fragile things should be wrapped in bubble wrap.
5. Operation: Disassemble furniture
Don't lose any screws or parts, it's the most important thing. We advise you to keep them in bags and to indicate which piece of furniture they correspond to. Another option, if you want to start a new stage in your life, you can renew your furniture with new ones and sell the old ones on wallapop.

6. Operation: Tetris
After packing up your life, now it's your turn to play Tetris in the van. First the large furniture, then the large and heavy boxes, so as to secure the furniture and the lighter boxes on top. Fill in gaps and reinforce with ropes so that nothing moves during the journey.
7. Operation: New home, new life
It is a moment of joy but at the same time there is also laziness. Do not be sad. Start by assembling the furniture and then the boxes.

8. Operation: Put order in my new home
Start by placing the things in the kitchen and bathroom, so you get excited. In addition, these are the rooms that you may use the most. Then your room and finally the living room.


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