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Tricks to decorate and transmit positive emotions to you

The other day we talked about what we had learned with Marie Kondo and today we are going to teach you some tricks so that your house is filled with positive energy.

The pleasure of coming home and having it be your refuge where you feel like yourself, without filters. May it help you rest, dream, stop a little. May it transmit positive feelings to you. Because your home has to help you LIVE HAPPIER . And how to do it? Well, we are going to tell you some tricks to achieve it.

* NASA studies show that plants like "lavender" reduce heart rate and stress, and are ideal for falling asleep.


* Use objects or photos from trips you have taken. They will remind you of that trip and transport you to that happy moment. Just like if you put photographs of family or friends of happy moments.

deco photos

Photo by @thismamaloveslife

* A piece created by oneself increases self-esteem. What can you do? Paint a picture, restore a piece of furniture with chalk paint, make a blanket...


Diy from @creadecorarecicla

* Colors that benefit your mood :

- Yellow for your workspace, speeds up mental processes, you will be more productive.

- Blue transmits calm. The ideal to rest.

- Green balances emotions.

- Pink represents positive energy.

- White is the best option to lift your spirits. It is a color related to purity, cleanliness and peace.

Colors are not just for walls. They can be present in objects and furniture.

* Use materials such as wood, cotton or linen that connect you with nature.


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