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7 Advantages of buying a modular piece of furniture and not a custom one

Modular furniture in the 90s had a "boom", young people bought it for their first home, because it was low cost and poorer quality. But this has changed because now the current modular furniture has gained in quality, features, finishes and infinite possibilities that can be adapted to your space without resorting to custom furniture.


1. They are sustainable

Most modular furniture today is made with sustainable materials. From responsibly managed forests. Furthermore, the design of the furniture tends to have simple lines with a timeless style, so it will last over time, without going out of style.

Like our Fitxa and Liure modular system , made with wood that has FSC and PEFC certificates.

2. Can be customized

You can choose from a variety of finishes, materials, colors, modules and accessories. This means that you can combine the modules to your liking and fit it into your room.

3. Easy assembly.

They are usually easy to assemble, especially our Fitxa, Liure and Nela modular system, because the modules arrive at your home already assembled, you just have to fit them together with some plugs in the case of Fitxa and in the case of Liure, just screw the stringers and pass them through the shelves. And the good thing about it is that you can always change the composition, adding or removing elements according to the needs you have at that moment.

4. Ideal for open spaces

They are perfect for rooms that you want to divide with furniture.


5. Much faster than custom furniture.

Modular furniture has delivery time to your home when you need it, it is usually fast, in a matter of a week you have it ready. On the other hand, with custom furniture, the process is longer.

6. Optimize space

The different pieces of a modular system give you the opportunity to adapt the space, both lengthwise and heightwise.


7. They bring out your creative side

When creating combinations they make you bring out a creative side of yourself and you become the decorator within you.


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