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by Slowdeco

Modular headboard 160cm Gray

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This product belongs to the SLOWPOP collection. It is a product that has been used in showrooms and in photography sessions, which suffered some knocks. Small details on the wood such as scuffs or damaged corners, as you can see in the images, are some examples of possible damage. There is only one unit!

Modular headboard 160cm wide, composed of a 65cm panel and another 95cm panel. For a fresh bedroom, with elegant lines that create a discreet but cozy ensemble.

Product Details

  • Assembly Level: Simple. Includes hanging hardware
  • Made in the Yecla carpentry shop
  • Designed by Gallegadesign
  • Measurements: 160cm x 110cm (height)


  • Wood from certified sustainable forests. FSC® label
  • Oak veneered wood
  • Libra model fabric from the Crevin brand

More information

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Questions you may have about the modular headboard

We have designed two measurements that can be adapted to any bed standard, these measurements are 70cm and 90cm, if you need another measurement you should contact us.

We always recommend that the total measurement of the headboard be equal to or slightly larger than that of the bed. As an example, for a 135cm bed you should choose the 140cm size and for a 150cm bed you should choose the 160cm headboard.

It will be very simple, the panels have hanging hardware built into the back. You will only have to draw a horizontal line on the wall where you will drill some holes and place the hanging plates, also included.

In this way the panels are completely glued to the wall

We use natural oak veneered wood with a natural finish and for the panel upholstered in MDF wood. They are upholstered with Crevin brand fabrics, very resistant and soft to the touch.

Yes, we have given you the most common bed measurements, but if you need another larger headboard measurement, you can contact us and we will make a personalized design for you.

For modular headboards we have a shipping time of 20 to 25 days. We will always try to shorten this time, please note that we will make them to order, depending on the fabric color you choose, you can choose any color from the Libra series by Crevin

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