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How to decorate a beautiful and practical playroom by Tessa from Somos Nido

September arrives and back to school begins for the little ones in the house. It is a bittersweet moment for them and what better idea than to prepare their toy room for when they get home from school. Today we show you how Tessa Muga, creative director of Somos Nido, has done it.

She has chosen a terracotta color, green wallpaper with not very childish drawings, neutral curtains and the touch of some family photos. This combination makes the room warm and cozy, creating an atmosphere as she calls "caliu." In addition to the toy room I have added some tables so they can do their homework and the Large Liure Shelf to store their toys.

Below you can see how it turned out and a small questionnaire we asked Tessa. We hope you like it!

How would you describe your style?

I like to think that my style is caliu, the warm and relaxed atmosphere. More than an aesthetic style, I think it is a way of life that I describe as perfect imperfection. It is reality, where luxury is homemade. The reconciliation of two tastes (my husband Román's, and mine) with family needs. That's why my house or my projects always foresee that there is a kitchenette in the living room, a dog lying on the sofa or a thousand species and cooking utensils in the kitchen. It is an integrative style that includes various pinches from different worlds.

In detail, that translates into a mix of Ikea furniture with whims like a designer lamp and a bulletproof sofa that hugs the whole family while we watch drawings.

Predominant colors in your house

Greens predominate, which I combine with navy blue, maroon, mustard and a touch of pink. I love mixing colors, I do it without fear.

Something we would never find in your house

Loud colors, shiny materials, nuclear white or silver. Nor cold light.

For you, what is essential in decorating a children's room?

An aesthetic base of beautiful and real colors, with a relaxing atmosphere. An area where they can do or paint whatever they want and let their imagination fly, and at a certain age integrate them with their needs (my daughter, for example, collects dolls) and my son is obsessed with having his cars parked.

favorite flower

Hydrangeas remind me of my family and I love them. The mimosa and the season in which it comes out (which is now) for home flowers.

Favorite book

Difficult. I used to read a lot, now with children it is more difficult for me to read novels and I focus a lot on “technical” books about business or interior design, so I am eagerly picking up “the ingrates” by Pedro Simón, which takes you to the rural Spain of the 75. I'm slow because I can't find the space, but I really enjoy it.

Favorite breakfast

My greatest pleasure is having an American coffee in a large glass as soon as I wake up. I take it to bed, in silence. I love it. In a yuppie world I would have a chocolate muffin for breakfast every day, which I like too much. But I actually usually have a snack mid-morning. When I go to a hotel without children I spend that part of the day, although that rarely happens.

How do you integrate art into your home?

Another of my great dreams, that the walls of my house will run out because they are full of art. I integrate it and give it a lot of importance. I'm one of those who prefer to save for that than for anything else. I have several pieces that I have been purchasing. I assign them to my children with the hope that one day they will take them home, it seems like a precious legacy to me, you remember dates and they transmit emotions.

What music do you play at home?

Less than I would like, because that part goes to Román, who sometimes clicks. He loves electronics, and has been collecting songs for years. Before confinement, the toy room was the music room. Now they share it sometimes, and the children love it, we put on a disco at home.

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