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Montessori bookshelf

The Montessori method promotes the child to be independent as much as possible. To do this, it is necessary to find furniture that adapts to their measurements and needs, so that they can reach all the toys or objects, so the Liure Shelf can be a good choice.

As we see, Klara, author of the blog "Growing up with Montessori" has used the Medium Shelf . In the Montessori method, prepare thematic shelves depending on the time of year. This time we see that Klara has prepared it with toys, activities and trays related to Christmas.

Montessori shelves do not have to have a low height. Although the Liure shelving can grow as the little one grows, because it is a modular system and you always have time to add shelves. The model that Klara has used is tall, because initially the little one can use the lower part by placing your child's materials, games, clothes or shoes here at their height and use the upper shelves (which are not accessible). arrives) to place the objects that you do not need to use (at the moment) or you can use it for other things. Because you can also place the shelf in the living room, which is a space shared with the whole family.

Another quality of the Liure Shelving Unit , as Klara says in her blog, "is extremely easy to assemble, since no screws are needed, just insert the shelves and screw them on." In addition, "It is a perfect shelf to use with the little ones due to its great stability and because it does not have any right-angled edges, they are all beveled, even the sticks that act as supports are cylindrical."

montessori bookshelfmontessori bookshelf
montessori bookshelf
montessori bookshelf
* Photographs "Growing up with Montessori Blog"

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