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Christmas decoration 2023: Natural style

Christmas is almost here and of course the part we like the most about it is the decoration. Following our decoration style, we like natural, handmade decorative accessories, such as pine cones, dried oranges, eucalyptus... In addition to decorating the Christmas tree, we like to decorate various areas of the house, such as the door of the entrance or the furniture, where we put the wreath and Christmas details .

Normally we decorate the house at the beginning of December and start with the Christmas tree , this year we plan to decorate it with eucalyptus, paniculata, pine cones and handmade decorative accessories, in which our two-year-old daughter participates. To do this, as always we turn to Pinterest for inspiration.

We also usually make a Christmas wreath, which has its roots in Europe, and was used to welcome the Christmas season and we love it! On Pinterest, we have seen these Christmas wreaths that we liked.


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