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Christmas at home: How to decorate the Christmas tree

The December long weekend has already passed, when the Christmas tree is usually put up and we did it, but we had not yet shown it here. It is clear that this Christmas will be totally atypical but we are going to try to spread a little bit of Christmas spirit at the last minute with the decoration of our Christmas tree. And if you've been too lazy this year to put up the Christmas decorations, you still have time, even if it's a vase of holly . Of course, you can't miss the Christmas lights and this year, the predominant color for Christmas details is red. To make it a little more natural, we have put eucalyptus branches and pine cones.

Other Christmas details that we have at home are the eucalyptus wreath that we place behind the door and on the TV cabinet , we have placed a small forest with our little wooden mountains (a few years ago we sold them in the store) and small pine trees.

If you want to see more Christmas decoration ideas you can consult our "Slow Christmas" Pinterest board.

ChristmasChristmas tree


christmas wreath


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