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by Slowdeco

Montessori bookshelf

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The Montessori method promotes the child to be independent as much as possible. To do this, it is necessary to find furniture that adapts to their measurements and needs, so that they can reach all the toys or objects, so the Liure Shelf can be a good choice.

Montessori shelves do not have to have a low height. Although the Liure shelving can grow as the little one grows, because it is a modular system and you always have time to add shelves. To start, you can buy this low composition, you have two options of 154cm and 228cm wide. Choose the design that best suits your space.

The little one can use the lower part by placing your child's materials, games, clothes or shoes here at their height. You can also place the shelf in the living room, which is a space shared with the whole family.

It is a perfect shelf to use with the little ones because of its great stability and because it does not have any right-angled edges, they are all beveled, even the sticks that act as supports are cylindrical.

Look how it looks at Gemma del Hoyo's house.- SEE POST


  • Upright bars in pine wood, natural or lacquered.
  • Shelves in pine wood or lacquered DM according to your choice of colors


  • The 154cm shelving unit includes a liure storage module
  • The 230cm shelving unit includes two liure storage modules
  • Total measurements indicated in each diagram.
  • Shelves 35cm deep and 18mm thick.
  • 25mm diameter upright bars
  • Height-adjustable plastic base with floor protectors
  • Assembly instructions


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Do you want to add storage to the bookshelf?

Add as many modules as you need from the ones you have below

Liure storage module
Módulo de almacenaje Liure Slowdeco
Módulo de almacenaje Liure Slowdeco
Liure storage module €179,00
Simple assembly of the Liure Shelf

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